Xray 2014 – Dineen Collection

Dineen Photo Collection – Michael Dineen has been fascinated by the Vietnam War for many years. After reading We Were Soldiers Once… And Young, he resolved to determine what the battle area looked like today. In 2014, his curiousity motivated him to contact Kyle Le who was touring Vietnam.  After a bit of pestering, Michael convinced Kyle to visit the battlefield and take these pictures.  Michael donated many of them ot the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University and the University retains the rights to those images.  This page shows other pictures.  Unfortunately, we do not know the specifics associated with each picture in terms of where it was taken.  However, by viewing these, you can get a sense of the terrain in the area and certainly recognize the prominent features. Michael retains the copyright to these images and we are grateful to him for permission to post them here.
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