Willie Holley

Donnie Holley sent the following: My dad spent his 23rd birthday at LZ Xray. Willie Holley. His birthday was 11/14/42. He is a retired school teacher from Epps Louisiana. He was in theĀ 3rd brigade headquarters aviation company.


Robert Taft

2LT Robert Taft – KIA 11/14/65; Xray – was the first casualty in the fight for the dry creekbed (Army Photo)


Ron Sleeis

Sgt. Ronald G. Sleeis was with HHC, 3rd Brigade at the Cateka tea plantation during the Ia Drang Campaign. Commo Platoon Photo by Ron Sleeis


Shadden and Bembry

James Shadden (left) and Snyder Bembry D/2/7 CAV at Xray 11/17/65. Bembry was KIA later that day and Shadden was severely wounded.


Doc Shucart

Picture taken at LZ Albany on Nov 18. Doc Shucart 2/7th Battalion Surgeon and Ken Weitzel (LNO from 229th to 2/7th) Unknown photographer.  Our thanks to Jim Brigham for giving us permission to use this picture on this site. 


Roy L. Ryse, Jr

Killed in Action Nov 17, 1965 Private First Class C Company, 2nd Bn, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division Photo contributed by Jerry Miles

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