Guyer – Mustang

‘IDRANG’.. 1st Cav Licensed Mustang with ALOHA RONNIE Guyer in front of our Christmas Lights Home, American Flag ..Cross ..’WE WERE SOLDIERS’.. Cap -&- all.

Guyer – Sam Elliot

Actor SAM ELLIOTT who portrays Hero CSM BASIL PLUMLEY to MEL GIBSON’s Lt. Col. HAL MOORE in ..’WE WERE SOLDIERS’.. with ALOHA RONNIE Guyer/Radio Operator to both in Vietnam …and the real IA DRANG-1965 Hero S-3 Operations Officer Capt MATT DILLON …who I also Clerked for …to the left at our Year 2001 IA DRANG Alumni D.C. Conference. (photo taken by Kevin Burke)


Guyer – POW Lz Falcon

The first two Communist North Vietnamese Regular POW's of the Battle of IA DRANG fresh from LZ X-RAY are escorted from Helicopter to Helicopter at LZ FALCON by members of the HHC, 1/7 Cav. Associated Press Photographer is running to the right to get in front of them to take the picture that is in 'WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE….AND YOUNG.' Shadow of me taking this picture is at lower left. I consider this picture one of the best. Notice wounded knee on one of the POW's in the middle of the picture.


Guyer – D Company Leadership

The officer to the right of Lt Col Moore is 1st Lt James L. (Larry)  Litton, XO of D 1/7 Cav.  In the Ia Drang he assumed command of D 1/7  when Capt Ray Lefebvre was wounded and evacuated. The officer in the right foreground with his back to the camera is Capt Richard Merchant who took command of D 1/7 after the battle.  The NCO in the left foreground with his back to the camera is 1st Sgt  Warren Adams, D 1/7.  


Guyer – Maj Gen Kinnard

1st Cav. Div. Commanding General Harry W.O. Kinnard welcoming the 1/7th Cav back to Home Base at An Khe. A smiling Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore is in the middle.


Guyer – Moore at Pleiku

Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore at PLEIKU Airstrip reading Congratulatory Telegram from Commanding General William Westmoreland who immediately followed him on top of this Jeep to personally salute the members of the 1/7 Cav for their "Outstanding Victory" at IA DRANG.


Guyer – Christmas Tree

Sp/4 Ronnie Guyer standing in front of the closest thing to a Christmas Tree to be found on Christmas Day 1965 at 1/7th Cav HQ at An Khe

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