Aerial Photography


Enroute to Xray

Orange 3 and Orange 4 ships as seen from Orange 1 Lead Aircraft enroute to make initial pickup of 1/7th at Plei Me on 14 Nov 65. Flying at 1500 ft around 0830.  These are B Co of the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st CAV Div Photo by Paul Winkel


B52 Bomb Run Lz Xray 2

The 7th Strategic Bomb wing was the Air Force organization that provided this support. Photo by Mike Alford


B52 Bomb Run Lz Xray

LZ Xray was the first use of B52 bombers in close support of ground combat. B52 Strike on 11/16/65.  This was the strike that forced the 2nd Bn, 7th CAV to leave the LZ and begin its fateful march to Albany Photos taken by Mike Alford


0900hr Nov 15

Taken by Mike Alford who was the Platoon Medical Aid Man, 3rd platoon, A Co, 2nd Battalion, 7th CAV as he flew in with A/2/7 CAV to reinforce the 1/7 CAV in X-Ray. Taken at approx 0900 on 15 Nov 65 Photo by Mike Alford

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