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Moore moves to LZ 4 to join the fight

Battlefield Leadership

Battlefield Leadership by Lt Gen Harold G. Moore, US Army (Retired) These are some comments, based on my limited experience, on a leader’s: – Preparations for battlefield leadership – My own philosophy on the conduct of a leader in battle Preparations: Could fill a book. Only a few items: Read military history. Read small unit actions. Personality of a big battle is often formed by a small unit action Visit historic battlefields with maps, books in hand. Install the WILL TO WIN in your unit. No 2nd place trophies in trophy cases. Build unit discipline, teamwork. A team of fighters

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Book Prologue

"In thy faint slumbers I by thee have watch'd And heard thee murmur tales of iron wars … " –Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I This story is about time and memories. The time was 1965, a different kind of year, a watershed year when one era was ending in America and another was beginning. We felt it then, in the many ways our lives changed so suddenly, so dramatically, and looking back on it from a quarter-century gone we are left in no doubt. It was the year America decided to directly intervene in the Byzantine affairs of obscure and

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Ia Drang Scholarship Fund

The Ia Drang Scholarship Fund was founded in 1994 by Lt. General Hal Moore (USA-Ret) and Joseph L. Galloway using earnings from their book. This Scholarship Fund is intended to help educate the descendants of the veterans of dead and/or surviving Ia Drang battles so they might better enjoy the blessings of freedom bought at such a terrible price. The Ia Drang Scholarship Fund is administered by The Foundation of the 1st Cavalry Division Association, a tax-exempt charitable trust Contributions should be made out to “Ia Drang Scholarship Fund” and sent to the address below.  All donations are tax deductible; donations

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Sr Lt Col An

North Vietnamese Commander – Ia Drang Battles

Sr. Lt Col Nguyen Huu An, Deputy Commander, B-3 Front (NVA/PAVN), Central Highlands, South Vietnam, mid-’60’s. Then Lt. Col An was the PAVN Battlefield Commander at Ia Drang.An commanded enemy forces from a bunker on the slopes of Chu Pong Massif. An and his superiors claim a victory in spite of the heavy losses, and say they learned how to fight American forces and their helicopters. Photo given to Lt. Gen Hal Moore (USA-RET) in Hanoi in Nov ’91 by Lt. Gen An (died spring of 1995).    General An’s official photo. All photos Copyright heirs of Lt Gen An

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Ronnie Guyer Ia Drang Photo Collection

Guyer Photo Collection – Ronnie Guyer (radioman; pictured here immediately prior to the joining LTC Moore on his first recon flight in Vietnam) graciously shared photos from his collection that he took during and after the Ia Drang battles.  Collection features shots of many of the principals in the Ia Drang Campaign – Moore, Plumley, Kinnard, Nadal, Herren – taken at various locations (Plei Me, Falcon, An Khe, Bong Son).

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Xray 2014 – Dineen Collection

Dineen Photo Collection – Michael Dineen has been fascinated by the Vietnam War for many years. After reading We Were Soldiers Once… And Young, he resolved to determine what the battle area looked like today. In 2014, his curiousity motivated him to contact Kyle Le who was touring Vietnam.  After a bit of pestering, Michael convinced Kyle to visit the battlefield and take these pictures.  Michael donated many of them ot the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University and the University retains the rights to those images.  This page shows other pictures.  Unfortunately, we do not know the specifics associated with each

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