North Vietnamese Commander – Ia Drang Battles

img065cropSr. Lt Col Nguyen Huu An, Deputy Commander, B-3 Front (NVA/PAVN), Central Highlands, South Vietnam, mid-’60’s. Then Lt. Col An was the PAVN Battlefield Commander at Ia Drang.
An commanded enemy forces from a bunker on the slopes of Chu Pong Massif. An and his superiors claim a victory in spite of the heavy losses, and say they learned how to fight American forces and their helicopters.

Photo given to Lt. Gen Hal Moore (USA-RET) in Hanoi in Nov ’91 by Lt. Gen An (died spring of 1995). 


General An’s official photo.

All photos Copyright heirs of Lt Gen An

Captured PAVN map accurately depicts enemy maneuvers during the Ia Drang Campaign

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