Network News Coverage

In the early part of the Vietnam War (and maybe later), the Department of Defense put a movie camera in front of a TV tuned to each network news channel and filmed the broadcast.  This was back in the days long before VCRs! Thankfully, they did this because this footage has been lost or destroyed by the networks. When looking for this footage in 1991, we were told it had been melted down for the silver content of the film and was not in the network archives. 

Be aware that the anchors confuse the fights at Lz Xray and Lz Albany. The 1st Bn 7th Cavalry was the primary unit at Lz Xray.  Albany was the ambush and involved the 2nd Bn 7th Cavalry.

Please excuse the haze and fuzz in the clips – filming a TV is not the best way to get a clean, hiqh quality recording.

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