Ia Drang Scholarship Fund

The Ia Drang Scholarship Fund was founded in 1994 by Lt. General Hal Moore (USA-Ret) and Joseph L. Galloway using earnings from their book.

This Scholarship Fund is intended to help educate the descendants of the veterans of dead and/or surviving Ia Drang battles so they might better enjoy the blessings of freedom bought at such a terrible price.

The Ia Drang Scholarship Fund is administered by The Foundation of the 1st Cavalry Division Association, a tax-exempt charitable trust Contributions should be made out to “Ia Drang Scholarship Fund” and sent to the address below.  All donations are tax deductible; donations over $250 will be acknowledged with a receipt from The Foundation.


Children and grandchildren of the men who participated in the 1st CAV Division battles in the Ia Drang Valley at any time during the period 3 – 19 November, 1965. This includes Army soldiers of all branches, US Air Force Forward Air Controllers, and A1E pilots and War Correspondents who were under fire in designated, qualifying units in the battles of the Ia Drang valley.

Proof should include (any of these): a copy of the individual’s DD Form 214, extracts of official personnel records, copies of Morning Reports, certified/notarized statements of presence in the battle area signed by the unit commanders, certified/notarized statements from battlefield companions, the veteran’s own notarized statement of his unit, duty, and actions in the battles and other documentation as appropriate.

Copies of personnel records, Morning Reports, and similar records can be requested from the:

National Personnel Records Center, ATTN: Organizational Records Section, Army Reference Branch, NCPMA-O, 1 Archives Drive, St Louis, MO 63138

Selection of applicants for award of the Ia Drang Scholarship grants will be made annually by a board comprised of the Command Sergeants Major of 1st CAV Div units acting in their private capacity as members of the 1st CAV Div Association. Individuals may apply and be selected for subsequent awards up to a maximum of four. Scholarship grants to an individual under more than one category of eligibility will not be approved.

Information/applications can be obtained from and donations sent to:

Executive Director
1st CAV Division Association
302 North Main
Copperas Cove, TX 76522-1799

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