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Hal Moore Biography

Lt Gen Harold G. Moore (USA-Ret)

February 13, 1922 - February 10, 2017

Gravesite: Section C, Site 259 at the Fort Benning Post Cemetery, Fort Benning, GA, USA

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Joe Galloway Biography

Joe Galloway Joe is a native Texan. At seventeen, he was a reporter on a daily newspaper, at nineteen a bureau chief for United Press International. he spent fifteen years as a foreign and war correspondent based in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Singapore, and the Soviet Union. After UPI service in Los Angeles, he spent several years as a feature and Senior Writer in Washington, DC with US News and World Report. For that magazine, he covered the Gulf War and co-authored Triumph Without Victory; The Unreported History of the Persian Gulf War.

Joe talked his way into the X-Ray battle, and, sitting on a box of hand grenades, landed in a Huey at 9:30 PM the first night. He remained on the ground with the men of the 1/7 Cav for the rest of the 3 day battle.

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